Asilomar grounds at Pacific Grove ... not far from Big Sur coastal area where the otters inspired Gregory Bateson, you can still watch a few of them playing along the turf. Flocks of pelicans flying past call your attention, sea gulls watch you from the rocks near by. Blue birds landing on your chosen bench ... interrupting contemplation paths...Playing thieves peak-nose into your paper bag, grabbing small bits of toast...then diving shamelessly into your open handbag.

Signs along the lanes in the surrounding dunes, inform you should not feed the wild, so you dont feel guilty when gently waving them away ... claiming black your spot of chosen territory on the bench. They have all the protected dunes area to explore, plenty of food for them there. And plenty of bench space so they choose to stay.. seems just staring at you ...was the case.

Not far, the entrance to the Stanford University Research Center -neighbour to the Monterey Bay Aquarium- is informed by loud sea lions claiming their stretch of sunny beach. Honky seals hop onto their chosen rocky promontories, carefully watching Recreation Trail. They topse and turn making themselves comfortable for a nap under the surprisingly sunny sky.

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