Lemonade happening and park

Via Cool Hunting a 2:08 min. clip showing the world's largest lemonade stand, an incredible park built on an elevated railroad track, sharing the story of a traditional workshop based in NYC.

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"The tank goes on the top of the building and the water is fed down through gravity to provide the people of New York ... to wash and shower with, to fight fires, and tack life and property.

Today we are erecting the world's largest lemonade stand, which will serve for the grand opening of the High Line.

The High Line is the City's newest park, an incredible park built on an elevated railroad track, that had been abandoned for many years and it stretches the west side of Manhattan.

We were opening the High Line just a few weeks ago, and this is sort of the first big public celebration. We have all kinds of stuff in this happening, this is just puppet festival. Behind me you'll see, a construction of what will be the world's largest lemonade stand. A lemonade tank containing 15 hundred gallons of natural lemonade

When we had this idea of a lemonade stand and when we took it a step further and started thinking about the water tanks there was really only one person to call, which is Rosenwach. They are the company, they've been doing this for generations.

We've been in business for over a 100 years ... I'm the fourth generation and my son is the fifth generation, and we started in the late 1890's here. Our buildings are over 20 stories and they really require an artisian well top with scrubby fed down and best we have in wooden tank.

But the tanks that we make on the roof obviously hold water, and the tank here will hold lemonade, and it goes together like a traditional barrel.

The water tank after the walls is an icon of New York, and what better than to provide the lemonade for the grand opening than a traditional New York water tank."

Learn more about the High Line Park Project: according to wikipedia this started as a project in 2004 with the New York City committing $ 50MM to establish the proposed park, which was inaugurated and opened to the public in the summer of 2009. (June 8)

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