Science and the in-between

Michael Winters offers very inspiring memes posted on Wired Science - Education on how to better align what students learn in the classroom and what they then do with the information. Will they learn more and be better informed when they are able to apply what they've been learning? You bet.

Tuning in to his proposal that technology experts and science teachers could help figure out the "in-between of theory and its outcomes", I propose that every time we make an observation we ask ourselves the question: what does my observation inform about my own frameworks? Namely, to enquire ourselves about sets of assumptions and "in theory" factual information we usually take for granted. Information and frames of learnings that we may have kept without any updating, in a long, long time.

For students to work at the same time they are studying, could not only help maintain a healthy information flow between isolated domains of knowledge, namely between practical common sense in life and work, and academia, it might also cross-polinize learning environments and allow double-checks to prevent dis-information. Food for thought.

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