Best getting better from Ojai

Tweet informed by Scobleizer to go watch his YouTube Channel, we've encountered this wonderful (I mean it) clip.

Video is 42:49 minutes. Roll the mouse over it and click to go to the original in YouTube.

Scobleizer (one of Robert Scoble's social media planet(s) brings us this video clip featuring the two authors of a book, informed with cross-generational wisdom, sharing actual exposure to serious business practice, learning environments, communicating and coaching.

The title is more than "promising" and as far as we glean from the interview, the content of the book bridges the worlds of psychology and communications, social media, diverse topologies of business and personal development and well. They speak about ways to make the most of it (you get to define the it) in a personalized way of understanding: productivity (you get to define what your actual goals are).

They converse about time and attention flows, and the need to better prioritize to fulfill your promises. This includes but is not limited to topics that range from : "following your nose to what's the most interesting thing to you" to "serious business planning" to "who's pushing on us to make the big decisions".

Quoting the info on YouTube,
"The authors of the book are Jason and Craig Womack. Craig was CEO of Sharper Image back in the 1990's, and Jason has a broad experience with educational seminars and consulting. They've put together a book and a system they promote called "Promise Doctrine".

They claim this helps people keep up promises, learn how to collaborate and foster trust building, even during the downtimes of a company, and they also point out how to call for a celebration when people succeed. A very different framing to the usual methodologies for time management and prioritizing. (... truth be said... the relaxed setting of the interview with that lovely work space with -familiar- screens and vistas of the green ... got me totally hooked on listening what they had to say ;)

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