Brazilian project

Take a good look and listen... serious business and a beautiful place, fun people and great things to actually "do" in a design mix of settings and buildings, with plenty of water inlets, lots of green and a lake. Main structures seem to be already in place together with the promise of transport integration, which shows quite daunting on the clip. The place is a spectacular combination of sites: clusters of hills, the nearby sea and water spaces, ... the complexity of how to integrate the different nearby scenarios through and around the hills makes it much more challenging and fun.

Unbeatable discourse: the olympics and para-olympics mix, the stadiums, the transport plan, "a place to live your passion" with the Corcovado Christ as an oversight ... "a Brazilian celebration" ... " to inspire a continent"... this was not just about a city.

While the London clip of the previous contest was also tops, we also recognized that the show offered as an advance last year in China, was rather dis-connected to the sophistication of the flowing strings of dancers and athletes selling the promise of a multi-dimensional city in Singapore. The reality check and actual performance of the British in China brought to life a double-decker bus (do they still run?) a gang of average people dancing, a football star and a pop singer. The question now is, what will eventually take place when the curtains are drawn in 2012? We hope they re-connect again with what they'd shown before in order to become a winner.

A lot of what you see on the Brazilian clip is already there and just as beautiful as it shows... the issue might be with the coordination and the overall security, but they've already proved with the Rod Steward and Rolling Stones concerts drawing crowds of circa 3.5m (1994) and 1m (2006) respectively at the Copacabana beach, that they can do this and ... a lot more.

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