Language, frames, stories

"we actually become the sum of our experiences and the stories we've told about them"
Tim O'Reilly on Ignite, (Nov. 10, 2009) commenting briefly and further elaborating on a quote many of us like so much and have found in so many places: Korzybski's "The map is not the territory". (Gee I went all the way to the Berkeley Library many years ago just to get a copy of it!, which I later donated to the Fundación Inst. Gregory Bateson, where I'm sure Martin, Rosa et al have gleaned and further processed and shared... great historical memes).
YouTube link.

"... if you start thinking about how this process of perception works you start to be able to notice when you're out of track. When you're actually stuck in paying attention to the labels as opposed to the underlying reality. And you can take yourself back up in the chain and to the experience and maybe just to tune in."

"... When everybody was convinced that the web was over, the dot.com bust had happened, we were able to go back and say "no, there's something really important and new happening on the web". We called it Web2.0, we told a new story, built a new map of the world, and kicked off something as a result."

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