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Distinguishing: Page 30 "Net-Centric Virtuosity"

Quote from Gary A. Petersen's post: "Information technology history teaches us .. (...) Fixation on a technology can limit our exposure to new possibilities, experiences and insights. Even horse blinders were state-of-the-art once".

This publication deals with-caters for Defense Info Tech and Soft Engineering...so what? These industries have given us wonderful tools such as systems' thinking, cybernetics and the internet for starters. How we use them is a very different question. Notice they seem to be promoting practices that in some highly reputed universities in NSpain we are still NOT embracing i.e.: people-process-technology, access-sharing-collaborating.

Regarding "fixation on a technology" this could be: scribes, print, edu board broadcasting, PC centered or the usual you may have in mind. Same goes for fixation on a particular model/mental frame: linear sequential "progress" approach pertaining to '60s-'70s "new new thing" mode and killer app of the late '90s, "zero sum games" and other ... How about incorporating an open-mind to emerging models, practices that may be relevant, creative exploration with programs, as well as looking into retro when applicable, teaching-learning mode for all in the classroom, and out, indeed, participatory modes.

Page 32 states (bold is mine):

"Vision: Deliver the Power of Information: An agile enterprise empowered by access to and sharing of timely and trusted information":

"Mission: Enable Net-Centric Operations: Lead the Information Age transformation that enhances (...) efficiency and effectiveness"

"Goals: Information on Demand: build the net, populate the net, operate the net, protect the net"

Beware PhD program/resources and context organizers: a high level edu system calls for hands-on informed practices and research meaning also some pretty "hot" updated stuff, PLUS: enable and foster collaboration, sharing, distributed learning and new media tools with contextual relevance, or else... we are working- learning - living in the past.

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