Learning about 2L Geo and Arts

This just a still, link to this blog to watch the clip: "Alien Beach". (runs better there than on the youtube site on my screen at least).

From the different versions of Alien Beach, I like this one by Juria Yoshikawa, (see top left link to "video in its original context") there. Interesting variation showing different versions adding to an original site or take, reminding me of "Watch the world(s)". in youtube. Love the visuals and "Rollercoaster" music on Watch the World(s) - Revisited.

Hyperlinked multimedia casts and share networks allow amazing explorative drifts...such as those I found in Judith Wechsler's book, connecting arts and science, read in the early '90s. (Fondo de Cult. Económica Spanish version).

The "palimpsests and interpenetrations" blog linked above informs on "Second Life Geography", explorations, learn more on this amazing clip:

By mageEgo .

This drift started earlier today looking for 2L tutorials in Argentonia, for that's the site where I first learned about 2L, when watching the inauguration of a UPNV site some time ago.

The debate regarding 2L and other virtual planets is spread between doers who walk their talk on virtual environments's pro's and cons, and fierce opponents, whom in most cases don't have a clue of what they're talking about -zero experiencing.
Myself having some issues with pacific time and the stuff I would like to explore (with others that is).

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