Wordled Trends by Leo Burnett Gp

Trend Predictions Report 2009 by Leo Burnett Group via YouTube also provides the text ... not an exact transcript, but it does offer their "piece of mind".

Maybe the tone could be improved, yet the fact that they sort of wordle all of it makes it funny and easy to follow.

Economic conditions have been affecting our cultural context for a long time now, we don't think there is anything "new" in this... it's just about awareness and it depends on the type of business and industry we are talking about.

We cannot but welcome a quest for more value reflection and reassessment: "what is truly meaningful to us", together with more "pragmatism and prudence". Funny that they are now highlighting values that were present at the origin of virtual communities and web environments: "organizations that show they are going the extra mile for people" ... to be developed now somewhat reluctantly by constituents and allies of (former reputed) traditional players in certain markets. Just check which companies are still doing well and are better prepared to surf the dire straits into the future.

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