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On the left is just a still of the widget offer. I may place it on the template later if it works, didn't work here on the posting box , so still it stays.

Hugh McLeod's "gapingvoid" Personal Faves caught my attention -reading it in full- today, refreshing cause it doesn't happen frequently, "scrolling and reading, yes, reading.... the whole thing". I liked this artful narrative mix better here than on a book ...though yesterday night I reconnected with 3 on-reading books after a long while in 2L...interesting switch.

Thanks to (Via): laughigsquid on twitter and to following "t".
t´s pitch in Gij√≥n was one of the most informative ever... cause unlike most around here... and many around there, he wasn't trying to "sell" -push mode- on stage any too obviously. Much appreciated.

With the broader web, extended zapping options and browsing tools, former usual "messages" on what to learn, know, do, buy, put, say, wear, eat...how to live, etc. recalling previous century mode's on tv, school, ads, politics and conferencing, aka: cultural industries',... NOT enjoyable options any more.

Hope the nice guy trying to sell electronic tablets (traditional "selling mode" pitching displaying traditional ad via 2l screen) during yesterday's social research center launch p-ty in 2L would realize. Things HAVE changed (Dylan's been singing this now for quite some time...). The guy mentioned he's sold "x" number of tablets...when I was trying to bring forth the notion that what edu systems need here in Spain is not more technology as an ends alone, but how to better do in partipative mode with new technologies... Conversation to be cont'd.

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