How Do We Know What We Know?

Image from the Site of The Exploratorium

California Academy of Sciences offers "sneak previews" of the new building, in Golden Gate Park. This would be close to completion according to the site. Scott Morgan, Senior Project Mgr. mentions the marvels that await inside to visitors. "You'll notice we've actually combined a little bit of the old, with the new".

The intent of the architect was to let the people in the building, reconnect with the park having a direct sight line to the nature outside.

On the 4th clip the Senior Curator of Botany talks about a "Living Roof" with native species grown during years and they wanted something compelling, educational : "when something is beautiful, it's much more compelling, educational all the way round".

Browsing the Golden Gate area wonders ... I had to visit the Exploratorium, the museum of science, art and human perception, to check what's up :-) since the last time I visited.

Highlights: Podcasts from the Exploratorium in San Francisco... start with: Alfred Wegener's crazy idea, an interview with Mel Zucker, Professor of Geology, Skyline college, San Bruno, California.

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