John Chambers contributes memes (in action)

"Let's roll up our sleeves" said Governor Swarzenegger speaking at the bi-partisan cognievent he's been organizing, the Governors' Global Climate Summit in California.

Bi (or multi)-partisanship for win-win situations... and some common goals... a major innovation in itself.

Sure, let's also start shifting some of the mental systems and thinking tools (Senge and Rheingold dixit) a bit?

Video via MIT World Distributed Intelligence. (Yes it is!, me adds) Dt. Oct. 15, 2008, read today.

Web 2.0 will also bring “effective collaboration,” by which Chambers means network-enabled visual tools, which will make “working together for a common goal truly possible.” Expect much faster business processes and revved up productivity, says Chambers.

Based on Cisco’s own experience in the past several years, organizations will completely restructure around these new capabilities. Indeed, he offers up his company as a paradigm of this vision. Once a hierarchical, command and control-based organization, Cisco is now much flatter, a company running “off of social networking groups.”

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