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News update since the last Twitt(encounter) in Asturias: encuentro Twittero de Asturias in Oviedo last April:

* first public examination as teacher oposición past! in Spain (system org deserving another post, soon in Sistemas en Blog).
* 4th year anniversary as free-lance instructor and conversation coach (becoming sustainable!) and yes, it's much better in the north and split between regions.
* nill activity in Flickr for it won't stop raining!!!
* rain taking care of my state-of-the-daily-fumes ... usual "bitching" about pollution in the region and other smog related...
* summer is around the corner and I'm booked almost till August!!! (free-lance & self-employed know this means: celebrating)
* Hacienda: income tax done! And decent accounting pro found and hired. Hope to get btr deal than last year: shock when moving here from Cataluña learning the tough way that in Asturias, officers get a %bonus for limiting our returns... You thought administration served us the citizens? Ha!! Self-employed don't get the support the employed get with Tax, digital Padre program (paternalismus dixit) discriminates non-windows' users and design sucks! They also discriminate free-lance instructors, in relation to show business free-lancers, who get a better deal. The latter can deduct all costs if directly related (travel, gas expenses), we depend on the officer's moods, lot's of arguing and a formal complaint. Should we Lobby? They invite you to upgrade to full enterprise -bureaucracy fees for initial paperwork only, around 1200€ . Confirmed by Oviedo Chamber of Commerce, leading to many other expenditures, consulting, tax % and VAT increase, etc. etc. Believe this system was designed for Spain pre-labor flexibility plans ... right?
* on TwittAstur -group version, seems it will remain as "encounter" status only, we're all too busy to "walk the talk", and it's now final exams' time. Hoping there might be another kedada/gathering soon. The TwittAstur gang, has a lot to share and infoloop.... Stay tuned!

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