"Yes, we can"

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton with a cool new smile, and words that are making history.
Clip: Obama'08 @YouTube ... (It's Hillary's day)
I don't like the CNN banner at all, I prefer: Hillary Clinton Endorses Barack Obama.

And if you want some hints regarding the outcome, here is the approach of an open-ed at The New York Times. But better still, listen carefully and observe the following clip, in particular his reference to Senators Rodham Clinton and John McCain.

Clip: Barack Obama Site

Given the final outcome with Senator Rodham Clinton endorsing Senator Barack Obama's "Yes, we can" , the result of such a long campaign is positive. A Spanish student recently said: " Did you know that for many people here, the only two contestants in the US appear to be Clinton and Obama?". I thought he was kidding, he wasn't. Senator John McCain had almost vanished from the media, though he's coming back to headlines lately.

What do we know about Senator John McCain? We know that some mix and mash "participatory media planet" authors are making fun of some of his statements, for instance the one on delivering "bottle hot water to dehydrated babies ... which was probably taken out of context, but still, I wonder. We have learned that he has a hero service record not only for resisting torture in Nam, but also for refusing to accept privileges for his father was in a top position in the Navy, but he preferred to wait his turn amongst others to be sent back home. Then the usual highlights, already in politics, he married into a wealthy business family and went on to become a "maverick" republican who also wrote a book -made movie: Faith of My Fathers. Wot! no faith in Thy Mothers?? Gee, same with Barack Obama's first book: Dreams from My Father.

Now seriously, McCain displays evolution regarding his early days in line with Reagan and lobbying and business matters that led to an investigation. One of his top aides, is Carly Fiorina who according to the NYtimes- could be using the campaign to rebuild her image after leaving HP in the midst of internal issues that made the headlines. Come on you guys! would you say that if it were a guy??

Now have a go at this Business Week interview in March 2008, on why she backs John McCain. If we creatively apply now some of her words then, we may explain the "water bottles" phrase that has become so popular according to the YouTube nbr. of downloads:

"There has been some talk that after misspeaking about Iran and al Qaeda, Senator McCain is losing his edge. Would you say he's on top of his game right now?

Anyone who has spent any time around him knows that this is a man of great intellect, great curiosity. He understands the issues. But it's also fair to say that this is an exhausting process. Sometimes people get a little tired and misspeak, particularly when they're jet-lagged. But nobody needs to worry about his edge, his mental edge or his physical stamina." (Carly Fiorina, 03/2008)

Sure, but would you give such a person today, the authority that a US president has at large? Having learned what US presidents can do when becoming say... a bit emotional? (invade countries for the WRONG reasons misreading proof?) I wonder. Plus we have this. Then checking the strategy of the McCain team, I hear: "economy will be, the battleground in this year's election". Ouch, tough call for republicans today if we observe the mess they're in right now. This clip states however that as a candidate, he "overperforms by wide margin...") see min 04.:43. I don't think so guys, if you look for a minute at the widget I planted on the right side of this blog!

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